Veterinary Compounding

Medicating our animal companions is not always the easiest task to do. Giving medication to dogs may be easier by hiding the medication in dog treats. Giving medication to cats, on the other hand, can be a struggle thus causing them to be traumatized.

Animals, like humans, can benefit from custom compounding particularly to improve compliance and ease of administration. At The Pharmacy Inc Compounding Pharmacy, we allow pets to receive medication in customised strengths or dosages that are commercially hard to find, or no longer available. Pharmacists can draw on their expertise to compound discontinued medication for each specific animal.

Medication can be formulated in different strengths, quantities, combinations, sizes, flavours and dosage forms. Our role at The Pharmacy Inc is to provide alternatives and offer creative solutions beyond the conventional.

The formulas we offer at The Pharmacy Inc Compounding Pharmacy are not limited to the range listed here. Some of the commonly requested veterinary compounds are:

Compounding services:


  • Reconstitution of standard-strength capsules into smaller strength capsules Reconstitution of standard-strength tablets into smaller strength capsules
  • Reconstitution of standard-strength capsules or tablets into smaller strength chewable treat Oral suspensions
  • Oral capsules


  • Transdermal formulations
  • Topical creams, gels, ointments, pastes, solutions Ophthalmic preparations (non-sterile)

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