Introducing the first personalized hair care solution line with The Pharmacy Inc™ TrichoWell™. The TrichoWell™ trichology compounding delivery vehicle is a hair care product line with the patented technology TrichoTech™, an intelligent phytocomplex that balances the entire hair system – Bulb, Scalp and Shaft (BSS). It is 100% natural, based on plant extracts and is free from controversial ingredients and impurities such as parabens and artificial colorants. TrichoTech™ maximizes prescription results by physiologically improving the cellular environment of the scalp.

The TrichoWell™ trichology compounding delivery product line includes seven different vehicles that may be used individually, or in combination with certain pharmaceutical ingredients for maximum results to cover the unique needs of your patients. We are able to provide the optimal delivery vehicle for any formulation based on the desired route of administration and therapeutic intent, as well as the chemical makeup of the formulation and assessment from the compounding pharmacist.