Podiatry, which encompasses the study of the ankle and the foot, often deals with issues such as athlete’s foot and plantar warts. As the feet are usually not as sanitary as compared to other parts of the body, its more prone to developing fungal infections which, if left untreated, can lead to irreversible damage and high levels of discomfort.

Of all the podiatric ailments that may be treated with medication, the most common cases involve fungal infections of the foot and/or toenails (onychomycosis) and plantar warts. Fungal infections are easily targeted with specially formulated azoles available at The Pharmacy Inc™, while warts are dealt with by salicylic acid preparations.

Though these problems are rather common, the range of severity of these issues varies very greatly, and oftentimes require slightly gentler or stronger doses than those commercially available. At The Pharmacy Inc™, we aim to formulate and compound treatment options specifically to the strength and potency required to provide the best possible outcome for patients.

Some compounded formulas require a prescription from the doctor. Contact our pharmacy or one of our sales representatives for more information.