Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are categorized based on the depth of effect.

Classification Type of Peel Depth of Penetration

Lactic acid 20 – 50%

Glycolic acid 20 – 50%

Salicylic acid 10 – 30%

Jessner’s peel 1 – 3 coats

Thins and removes stratum corneum; does not create a wound below the stratum granulosum

Glycolic acid 50 – 70%

TCA 10 – 30%

Jessner’s peel 4 – 10 coats

Creates necrosis of part of, or all the epidermis, anywhere from the stratum granulosum to the basal cell layer
Medium depth

Glycolic acid 70%

TCA 35 – 40%

Creates necrosis of the epidermis and part of the papillary dermis
Deep Phenol Creates necrosis of the epidermis and papillary dermis, which extends into the reticular dermis

Some compounded formulas require a prescription from the doctor. Contact our pharmacy or one of our sales representatives for more information.